Kasey and Kim Carter

MAI Location: Charlotte

Job Responsibility: Director of Discipleship & Spiritual Development

Email: kasey.carter@me.com





After being a husband and a Daddy, I'm a person that loves pretty much anything outdoors, from competitive sports to hiking, fishing and hunting. Nebraska is where I was born and raised, but since December 31, 1990 the Lord has taken me all over the country. That was the day that I made a conscious decision to follow Jesus - regardless of the where, what and how.

Pretty much my entire adult life has been on mission with Jesus. This has allowed me to serve Him in everything from national radio to rodeo. From small communities out in the heartland, to the biggest cities on both coasts. Every opportunity is a humbling reminder that there's nothing more important in all of life than people. And that ministry is not our gift to God - it's His gift to us!


How & why did you become a MAI Missionary?

I believe that the miracle of "Jesus feeding the 5,000" provides an over-arching principle for all of us. That God has provided us with the resources that we have, like the boy with 5 sardines and 2 crackers. When kept for ourselves, they only bless ourselves. But when they are surrendered to the hands of Jesus, they are multiplied in a way that blesses a multitude.

God has given everyone something to be used for Him. For myself, it has consistently been an ability to connect with people through athletics. This God-given ability has allowed me to intentionally spend time others in a way that allows me to win their trust, earn their respect, create a platform to proclaim Jesus and connect with people in a way that transcends common barriers of language, culture, race and nationality.

I believe that we were created to glorify God and influence others to worship Him. MAI provides a structure for me to use my abilities in a way that fulfills His purpose in my life.