Paul and Vickie Gizzi

MAI Location: Los Angeles

Job Responsibility: Director of So. California Seahorses







Paul & Vickie Gizzi have served full-time with MAI for 22 years in the LA office. Paul is the Director of the LA office of MAI. Vickie works for the MAI's HQ operations as bookkeeper. They have four married children and seven grandchildren. Paul grew up in Japan and now leads short-term outreach trips each summer as well as assisting the newly formed Japan Seahorse Ministry & Academy. In addition Paul is involved in recruiting the next generation of "sports ministers" to LA and Fundraising. We love impacting the young men that come to play for our high level men's amateur PDL team each spring & summer. Paul also teaches & coaches soccer at Biola University. Vickie enjoys being "Grandma" when not working and also works out faithfully to keep up with the grandkids. Paul loves to play tennis & will challenge our PDL players when able. Mostly we are thrilled to use sport to engage people with their creator & Lord both locally & abroad.


How & why did you become a MAI Missionary?

We became missionaries following 12 years as an educator & administrator in a Christian HS and after four years of playing soccer professionally. The Lord put the burden of being more bold and using our gifts on our hearts in a way that was quite personal & undeniable. As we pursued the opportunity it became more & more apparent that joining MAI was a good fit considering I had played soccer, coached soccer, and had gone on International soccer outreach trips as well as running my own soccer camps. These were the same things MAI was doing & needed a leader for the LA Office. The President of MAI called & encouraged us to consider joining. I tried to "fight" it once I began feeling called, but that's a losing battle when our Lord provides specific and personal feelings that both Vickie & I knew were too unique to be denied. It has been a journey of faith, and not always an easy one, but one we cannot deny was directed by our Lord & Savior. We are excited and peaceful as we look back at how he has used us both with high level athletes here in LA, and within our International experience of representing God to the Japanese people through the sport of Soccer.