Andrew and Jessie Pierce

MAI Location: Charlotte

Job Responsibility: General Manager of the Charlotte Eagles Men’s Soccer Team





I was born in Columbus, OH. I am a big fan of THE Ohio State University. I am a newlywed to the beautiful Jessica Daniels Pierce. I am therefore a UCF Knight and FSU Seminole fan (CHOP, CHOP). I led Young Life in Columbus, OH prior to moving down to Charlotte, with YL I coached soccer and lacrosse in hopes of using sports to reach out to lost kids. Sports and ministry are two of my biggest passions, which is what led to me moving to Charlotte and reaching out to the Eagles.


How & why did you become a MAI Missionary?

In early 2010 I felt a tug on my heart to consider moving from Columbus. I didn't know what to do with that at the time as I was leading YL and had spent all of my life in the wonderful city of Columbus. It wasn't like I had a certain calling tugging at me or a certain place I was being called to either. I did know that wherever I went I wanted sports and ministry to be a part of it. Thanks to a lovely google search and some friends in the Charlotte area I heard about the Charlotte Eagles. This seemed like a match made in Heaven for lack of a better term, haha. It was amazing to me that folks were using the game of soccer to spread the gospel as this was what I was trying to do with Young Life back in Columbus.


I made a couple trips down to Charlotte to meet some folks and make sure this was the place God was calling me to. Short story long, I moved in October of 2010 down to Charlotte and hopped right in with the Urban Eagles program that was just starting to branch out to different neighborhoods in Charlotte. I remember my first day at Woodbridge with Paul Shedd, it was an amazing experience that I won't ever forget. Playing soccer on an old tennis court with kids from the neighborhood who would pop in and out of the game like it was hockey.


Fast forward a couple years and I was sitting in the Eagles office asking Jeremy Auyer what it looked like for him with working for MAI. I wanted to continue working with the Eagles/MAI but knew that the Urban Eagles weren't it for me. I talked with Jeremy and Benjamin Ressler about getting started and they pointed me towards the Communications position which led to me coming on staff in 2012.