Cody and Jennifer Snouffer

MAI Location: Chicago

Job Responsibility: Urban Eagles Director






Jen and I first participated in MAI as college students in the summer of 2009 through the Chicago Eagles Summer Academy. Both collegiate soccer players, we fell in love with sports ministry. We saw the huge impact "rolling out a soccer ball" can have on relationship building and ministry opportunities. We were married in September of 2012 and now live in a low-income neighbor in the city of West Chicago. God has called Jen and I to the nations living in our neighborhood. Our neighbors are predominantly Hispanic immigrants and Iraqi refugees, who all seem to love soccer! It is an ideal place to be a soccer player, coach, friend, mentor and neighbor to the people around us. We are excited about the things that God is already doing in and among our neighbors and all that is to come!

How & why did you become a MAI Missionary?

The Chicago Eagles Summer Academy opened our eyes to how soccer can be used as a tool to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We each had felt the Lord calling us to missions and ministry to other cultures. As we finished college, we pursued areas of ministry overseas and God continued to put a soccer ball in our hands. Even while teaching English in Honduras for a summer, I was asked to play soccer with the kids because none of the other teachers wanted that responsibility. For me, it was ideal! Soccer is a talent the Lord has given us to use for His Kingdom. We love being part of Mission Athletes International, an organization that seeks to train leaders in ministry and equip and empower people to serve through the game of soccer. A game with an impact that changes lives.