Hannah and Josh Turner

MAI Location: Charlotte

Job Responsibility: Charlotte Lady Eagles Ministry Director/Assistant GM

Email: hturner@charlotteeagles.com




Native of Western New York

'09 Alumni of Houghton College

International outreach trips to Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Tanzania, Colombia and Kenya

Charlotte Lady Eagle 2009-2011

Married Josh in 2010

How & why did you become a MAI Missionary?

After my freshman year at Houghton I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia with a group of 5 teammates led by Sports Ministry pioneer Brian Davidson. My coach and sports ministry professor, David Lewis strongly urged me to join and this experience and time with this group infected my life with the Sports Ministry "bug". It was then that my worlds of soccer and living for Jesus collided and life would never look the same. Once the plane landed in the states I began hunting for any and all opportunities to learn more about this life changing vehicle of Sports Ministry. I experienced several different organizations (i.e. Push The Rock, Score International and AIA) before landing in Chicago for a summer with MAI's Summer Academy Program. The leadership of Rick McKinley and the genuine, authentic community God formed that summer grew a greater love for God and serving His people. I returned the following year as part of the Leadership Training Program joining a few teammates in a group that would be more intentionally poured into and challenged to step up, grow and serve more. These experiences and the community provided a foundation and passion for being further involved in Sports Ministry throughout my lifetime. After graduating college I moved to Charlotte to play some more soccer at the exciting high level and Christ centered atmosphere of the Eagles. During the 3rd year as a player the Lord began to tug on my heart to invest more in helping serve, lead and organize the ministry for the team I was playing for. This quickly led to the opportunity and blessing of helping more full time in the discipleship, teaching, organizing and operation of the Lady Eagles team year round. I could not enjoy what I get to do more because of the lives being changed in and around the Ministries of MAI. I want to commit and give all I can to the area of MAI I am called because of the transforming, lifesaving impact sports ministry has had on my life and what I've seen it do to save and free people worldwide. The communities of missionaries that make up MAI are family and one could not choose a better home. It's a blessing and honor to serve alongside these humble, passionate people pursing the heart of Christ.