Name: Jessie Niemi

MAI Location: Charlotte, NC

Job Responsibility: Urban Eagles - Birchcroft





Born and raised in the great mitten state of Michigan, I am the middle of five children. I graduated from Marygrove College in 2013 and have been involved with MAI since then. I love being with people and interacting with them by playing games, dancing, being creative and laughing. Reading, journaling, and sipping tea some more "calm" activities I enjoy. I have a heart for children and its awesome how God has give me opportunities with MAI to show Christ's love to them.

How & why did you become a MAI Missionary?

Before my experience with the Eagles, I never knew sports ministry existed; it was just a great idea that I had! It was so encouraging to find others who not only had the same idea but also went after it and created a whole organization dedicated to it! I was a part of the Chicago Eagles Summer Academy in 2013 and I learned so much through my time with them. I had plans to go back the next summer but God had other plans. He led me to Charlotte and allowed for me to be a part of the Charlotte Lady Eagles.
At the beginning of this season, I prayed asking God to show me my next step once the team season ended. I expressed my passions for sports ministry, children, cultures and questioned how that could combine with my college education in social work into something awesome. God is always a couple steps ahead! The opportunity to stay in Charlotte and work with Urban Eagles presented itself out of the blue and I know that this is exactly where God is calling me to be for this next season of life.