Teams provide the relational environment for the process of transformation to take place.  MAI utilizes a team structure to create a community of players aligned for a purpose greater than achieving success on the athletic field.  We offer the following value proposition to all of the players participating on MAI teams:

“As a player for an MAI team, you will have a life-changing experience that integrates excellence in soccer, an authentic community, ministry involvement and spiritual growth.  You’ll have opportunities to impact people’s lives through soccer both on and off the field.  As a result of your time with MAI, you will be better equipped to love God and serve others.”

MAI currently operates teams in its ministry locations of Charlotte, Chicago and Los Angeles.  For more information about how you can participate on an MAI team, please click on the highlighted link.  But there are more opportunities to participate in MAI’s vision than being on an MAI team, through camps, Urban Eagles ministry, and international tours.