The Urban Eagles (UE) is a relational ministry that uses soccer as a means to build long-term mentoring relationships with hundreds of inner city youths who often lack such essential relationships.  Urban Eagles is currently active in three neighborhoods of Charlotte, and the Timberlake neighborhood of West Chicago, IL -- each representing different people groups: 

  • Birchcroft Apartments is a refugee community with more than 10 nations represented in its demographic profile.  
  • Grier Heights is a predominantly African American community where more than 90% of the households lack fathers or other reliable male role models.  
  • Albemarle Rd. community is a heavily Hispanic and refugee community.  
  • Timberlake in West Chicago reaches predominantly Latino immigrant population. 

In total over 200 boys and girls in Charlotte and 100 boys and girls in West Chicago are involved in weekly relational ministry through MAI’s Urban Eagles, including their Urban Eagles youth soccer team.

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