A Loss that turned into a Win

"My name is Joao Pedro Facury and I was a participant in the 2016 Summer Academy program. I would like to share one special moment in which God used my life for His glory. During our last days in Brazil, always after tiring hours of games and activities at churches and other places in Rio de Janeiro, we headed to a restaurant for lunch. We usually had lunch at church, but that specific day we went to a restaurant owned by one of the church members who was helping the church with all the logistics of hosting our group. During our time at the restaurant, I got to know Adam, the cook (responsible for the good Brazilian steaks). He was a nice man, happy to be working and curious to know why so many young men and women would choose to spend their summer vacation to serve and share Christ. However, because of our busy schedule, we didn't have much time for lunch and I had to leave before being able to share about our purpose. I didn't know but that same afternoon we played a team from a College nearby, and Adam was actually a student there. After being “schooled” by that futsal (Brazilian indoor soccer) team, we sat down at the bleachers to watch the girls’ team play. When I looked around, I saw Adam. He was a little embarrassed to come over, (because of our one-sided loss), but I waved at him and eventually we sat down together and started talking. I soon realized the beautiful opportunity God had given me and I started to share Christ with Adam. We talked about God's plan of salvation for him, and the amazing act of Christ at the cross. After a little while, and at the end of what had been a bad day from a soccer standpoint, Adam gave his life to Christ! We prayed together and celebrated right there at the bleachers, inside a futsal gym! What I thought would be just a bad loss, turned out to be the greatest day of all! Once again, I was reminded of the power of the Gospel, and of how awesome sports ministry is! I wouldn't have met Adam or had the opportunity to share Christ with him if wasn't for the context of a soccer game. May all glory be to God!"