Chicago Eagles

The Chicago Eagles Summer Academy spent 17 days in Rio de Janeiro in early June. The trip had many highlights: three players getting baptized, school clinics, futsal matches, church community outreaches, and 11v11 matches.

On one of the last days of the trip, the Academy's U23 ladies played an 11v11 game in a place called “the owl.” After the game the girls shared with the opposing team through a translator. Ellie shared her story and put everything on the table about her struggles and how God was working in her life. Ellie had been injured and hadn't been able to play throughout Brazil, sharing post game was an amazing opportunity for her to show her faith and support the values we hoped our team modeled on the field. After telling her testimony, a few girls from the other team came up to her and expressed how grateful they were that she shared. They said it really spoke to them about how great God is. Since the game, Ellie has had the opportunity to message those girls to share more with them and truly witness to them. It is an example of how amazing God is and how he can use every circumstance, including injury, as a way to share about him and give him glory.