Everyone of our girls that tried out for a high school or middle school team made the cut!



Within our East Charlotte ministry we have girls at an array of schools and grade levels and we are blessed to see them growing in their character, commitment, communication, discipline, and hard work. 

This spring, every one of the girls that tried out for a high school or middle school team, made the cut! This is so exciting as these girls have only been playing soccer for a few years.  After her very first high school game, one of our freshmen named FamTha, thankfully reflected on the ride home, "If it weren't for the Charlotte Eagles, I wouldn't even play soccer."  Typically in the Burmese and Nepali cultures, girls are not encouraged to play soccer or even really play outside.  But what is even more exciting is that some of the girls are beginning to see how a sport can be used by the Lord to connect them to others. One of our seniors, Dikchya, who made varsity at her school, sat with us as we watched the JV game. She pointed out one of the JV players, and said, "See her? She's my friend. We are really close. Can you pray for her? I've been praying for her..."  How exciting to hear Dikchya have vision for how God wants to use her to impact those around her for His glory.